3001 Washington Boulevard, Arlington, VA

Penzance provides in-house acquisitions, development, capital markets, asset management, leasing, property management, construction management and federal services.

With an experienced team of professionals and exceptional fluency in real estate, we leverage our capabilities on behalf of a broad range of investment partners and tenants, as well as community organizations and state and local governments. Penzance manages all aspects of operations with one goal in mind: outperforming investor expectations.

  • Acquisitions

    Penzance’s in-house acquisitions team focuses on acquiring existing office, multifamily, and mixed-use properties, as well as sites with development or redevelopment potential. We balance practical expertise with detailed analysis, often targeting undercapitalized and challenged assets. Always driven to add value, Penzance relies on:

    • Seasoned, integrated expertise
    • Asset fundamentals
    • Meticulous due diligence
    • A highly collaborative approach
    • Enhancing asset value through improved operations and leasing
  • Development

    Penzance has deep experience in developing high-quality office and mixed-use projects in the Washington, DC metropolitan region. When pursuing development opportunities, Penzance focuses on:

    • Maximizing value through the land use and zoning process
    • Engaging community stakeholders and state and local officials
    • Processes that maximize operational efficiencies and bottom line returns
    • Innovative approaches to creating value in complex regulatory environments

    When seeking development sites, Penzance identifies areas with limited supply and meaningful barriers to entry, land parcels next to existing performing assets, and under-utilized sites with potential for higher and better use. As a full-service, vertically integrated firm, Penzance is able to acquire, develop and stabilize its assets delivering proven results.

  • Residential Development

    Penzance offers a full range of development and redevelopment capabilities in all multi-family building designs from high-rise to wood frame, garden to in-fill, mixed use to stand alone.

  • Capital Markets

    Penzance’s successful track record of development and investment performance, combined with the team’s capital relationships spanning more than 30 years, optimizes its ability to tailor solutions to meet each investment’s specific objectives. Capital relationships include institutional equity and high net worth investors, as well as a broad array of lenders providing construction, repositioning, and acquisition financing.

  • Asset Management

    Penzance attributes a large portion of its success to a meticulous focus on ROI (return on investment). Investment decisions are aligned with the principal objective of maximizing investor returns while mitigating risk by:

    • Recognizing, creating and discovering value where others do not
    • Creating and executing asset plans that maximize returns
    • Customizing our approach to meet investor needs and interests
  • Leasing Management

    At Penzance, relationships with tenants and brokers are key to providing first-class customer service. The Penzance approach to the positioning, marketing and leasing of properties is distinct. A senior executive guides the leasing strategy, engaging the best in Washington’s brokerage community to participate in a collaborative process for each leasing effort. Together, Penzance and its broker partners:

    • Interpret market data to determine the best course of action for each leasing opportunity
    • Identify the unique features of each property and focus marketing efforts on the attributes prospective tenants value most
    • Efficiently negotiate terms with prospective tenants and their brokers for mutually beneficial results

    The Penzance executive manages the leasing process from beginning to end–from acquisition underwriting, brokerage engagement, marketing plan development and implementation, term sheet and lease negotiation, and through the design and construction of tenant and capital improvements. This process has yielded results that outpace the market and outperform the competition.

  • Property Management

    Penzance understands that customer service is the heart and soul of a successfully operated portfolio. From the management and engineering protocols that seamlessly enable a comfortable environment to the security systems that protect people and assets, Penzance is at work around the clock. Efficient property management is a hallmark of the Penzance investment strategy, meeting the needs and interests of both tenants and investment partners. Working with Penzance means:

    • Consistent and effective management of each property to meet the needs of tenants and investment partners
    • Cost efficiency, asset value preservation and regulatory compliance
    • Day-to-day attention to financial, operational, technical, and environmental details
  • Construction Management

    “On time and on budget” are the watchwords of the seasoned and savvy Penzance construction management team. Penzance’s in-house construction management group has more than 40 years of combined construction management experience - upwards of 5 million square feet of ground-up commercial base-building, and more than 10 million square feet of interior and capital improvements. Construction projects benefit from:

    • An extensive project portfolio, including Class A office interiors, and private and public sector capital improvements
    • In-house technical expertise in delivering complex, turnkey tenant improvements
    • Expertise in the design and construction of Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) space for secure government user groups
  • Sustainability

    Penzance is keenly focused on energy efficiency and sustainability in each of its existing and planned projects. By remaining cognizant of smart growth initiatives and understanding the impact of efficient operations, Penzance has implemented best practices with an eye on the future. Penzance has incorporated sustainable initiatives within its new developments, as well as in renovations and operations of its existing assets. Penzance is proud to have developed and implemented LEED and ENERGY STAR projects throughout the Washington, DC metropolitan region.

  • Federal Practice

    Penzance’s in-house team has extensive federal leasing experience, as well as expertise in federal property management, facilities maintenance, and construction management. Penzance maintains strong relationships with federal real estate constituents within Congress, the General Services Administration and the Army Corps of Engineers. Penzance supplements this expertise with assistance from third-party federal leasing brokers, attorneys and consultants. Penzance’s comprehensive federal platform:

    • Provides property management and facilities maintenance for highly secure federal facilities
    • Possesses significant interior build-out experience, including Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities (SCIF)
    • Builds mutually beneficial partnerships with federal agencies to help achieve facilities-related objectives